What We Do

We are recruitment experts in ERP, SAP, IT and associated technologies.

At Hanson Regan, we deliver precise resourcing – every time.

Whether you’re looking for specialist niche skills or high volume recruitment, you can rely on Hanson Regan to deliver exceptional talent, no matter the requirement.


We're proud to also deliver a full suite of services and solutions to suit a range of needs. Drawing upon years of experience and expertise, Hanson Regan provides complete lifecycle support for both clients and candidates. 

These services include, but are not limited to:


Hanson Regan is able to payroll candidates directly to clients at a competitive and cost-effective rate.


We will always ensure that contractors are paid on time, every time. Hanson Regan champions its relationships with clients and candidates, promising to deliver a smooth on-boarding process with new clients and maintaining complete and transparent support throughout the contract.


Not only can Hanson Regan provide individual contract/freelance resourcing, we are also proud to deliver rapid full-team resourcing across the full IT spectrum.


Hanson Regan will always offer one point of contact for each account, ensuring a tailored service and therefore better understanding of our clients and candidates' needs. We pride ourselves on our relationships with all parties.


We guarantee to deliver exceptional talent to clients on time, every time. Regardless of your requirement, we typically take less than 24 hours to deliver candidates - even with the most niche skillsets – thanks to our highly trained and efficient resourcing team.


All of our candidates at Hanson Regan are thoroughly referenced before commencing work on-site, with a minimum of two references required as standard. This not only ensures that we deliver our clients with the right talent, but also that the consultant is walking into a job they are happy in.


Hanson Regan provides industry-leading education for clients, communicating and advising on the latest market trends, smart resourcing techniques and exciting new technologies.


We hire the right people, to find you the right people. Our team of consultants are experts in their field, drawing upon a wealth of industry experience spanning three decades to deliver an unrivalled level of service.


Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us via phone or email, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future.
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At Hanson Regan, we offer rapid precise resourcing of exceptional, niche talent across a range of Enterprise Applications. These include, but are not limited to:


Hanson Regan are experts in SAP/ERP recruitment. With over a decade of experience in identifying freelance specialists, we pride ourselves on the ability to find all modules across the SAP suite and ERP technologies.


Whether you need specialists in research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in software products, Hanson Regan can deliver the right talent for you. We supply resourcing specialising in the initial conception, right the way through to the final manifestation of the software, ensuring your exacting needs are met on time, every time.

Dev Ops

If you're looking to evolve and improve your product at a faster pace than simply using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes, Hanson Regan can provide  DevOps specialists with the ability to deliver applications and services at a high velocity. By combing cultural philosophies, practices and tools, our DevOps talent increase trust, deliver faster software releases and resolve critical issues quickly, resulting in better management of  both scheduled and unplanned work.


Hanson Regan delivers experts in Information Security, ERP Security and Cyber Security, helping to secure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your businesses' system data. Our specialists draw from a wealth of experience to safeguard your company against malicious threats, protecting your valuable data and assets.

Big Data

We provide experts in handling and studying big data sets that are too complex for traditional data-processing application software. By analysing these large data sets, our talent can reveal and work with patterns, trends and insights, leading to better decisions and strategic, cost-reducing business moves.


By eliminating the capital expense of buying hardware and software, taking the pressure off capacity planning  and enabling  the ability to scale elastically, our specialists can save you money, time and deliver the right amount of IT resources exactly when it’s needed and from the right geographical location.


In an ever-growing technology market, Hanson Regan delivers you AI experts at the cutting edge of the industry, equipped with the most up to date expertise and skill to provide you with the very best AI solutions. Hanson Regan delivers industry-leading talent with the expertise to take your processes beyond basic automation, to provide business outcomes such as enhanced customer satisfaction, lower churn and increased revenues. We specialise in finding RPA Talent with skills in Blue Prism, UiPath and Automation Anywhere